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During an interview, Aamir Khan talked about his dream project i.e. the film Mahabharata: These days the name of Aamir Khan’s film Lal Singh Chaddha is on everyone’s tongue, while on social media many people have boycotted the film. Even though Lal Singh Chaddha has been released and has also flopped, in the meantime, news has started appearing in the media about another popular project of Aamir Khan.

During an interview, Aamir Khan has talked about his dream project ie the film Mahabharata, which has created quite a buzz on social media. Before starting the work on Lal Singh Chaddha, there were reports that Mr. Perfectionist i.e. Aamir Khan Hindu The biggest Mahasangram of Purado wanted to make a film on Mahabharata, at that time the actors were considering it and they were thinking that they were confused between the character of Shri Krishna and Karna.

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But after that there was no news of work on it, but recently in the promotion of Lal Singh Chaddha, Aamir talked about it. It’s not just a film, it’s more than that, that’s why I’m not ready for it yet, I’m afraid to do it, Mahabharata will never disappoint you, but you can definitely disappoint Mahabharata.

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Even before this interview, Aamir had spoken on Mahabharata, the actor said that this film is his dream project and said that it is a very big project and I also wish to make it, it will be such a big thing that if I think of making it today If I am, I have to give my 20 years to this, so I am very scared if I say yes and decide to make it, then it will take 5 years in research and then in completing it.

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Let us tell you that if reports are to be believed, then if Aamir Khan makes this film, then its budget will be at least 1000 crores. Well friends, many more buses are also being created about Aamir Khan’s film Mahabharata, then the news is also coming. That Aamir Khan has started in the research of this film.

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Inside source says that Aamir Khan has engaged some of his special friends to work on this, not only this, he has also selected the names of many actors and actresses. And what great announcements do you make, you must tell us by commenting what you have to say on Aamir Khan’s film Mahabharata and this dream project and stay connected with us for such updates.
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