Breaking She-Hulk Producer Fires Back Over Controversial Abomination Changes News And Updates

In the early days of development of she halk, when we found out that Tim Roth would be returning as Emil Blonsky, AKA The Abomination, there was a lot of excitement. Hopefully to see the abomination brought back in a brutal and just over the top monstery way. Naturally, I think most of us expected this wasn’t going to be the case, and now people have been very critical about the butchering of the character, so now the producer. Of she Hulk fires back at all the criticism. Ohh yeah, this will go over well.


This will definitely go over well. So this comes from Jessica Gao, who of course decided to well respond to a bunch of criticism. And you guys have probably all seen some of the criticism, right? People screaming that they ruined the meal because he doesn’t look the same as abomination. People screaming that the character has been destroyed because he’s not an angry, rage filled monster like he wasn’t the Incredible Hulk. People very upset that the character is just straight up talking and having a character arc. Other people upset that when we saw him, he didn’t just bust into abomination form and start duking it out with she Hulk.

Breaking She-Hulk Producer Fires Back over Controversial Abomination Changes news and Updates

it’s all been there. You guys have probably seen it. Well, Jessica was like, hey, Radio Times, thanks for having me on for this interview. Now let me tell you something, brother. Ok, she didn’t do the Hulk Hogan brother quote, but she just goes well. There’s a different side to the character and to abomination. Because it’s been a long time since we saw Emile the last time, and she said she thought it would be fun to play off of the Incredible Hulk lore and do something different with him.

Because in the same amount of time that it took Bruce Banner to control Hulk, it would kind of be really sad to say that a meal is literally just stupid and he couldn’t control abomination at all, and he’s still just a angry, rage filled monster. So it was a standpoint of the character and the story needs to develop and progress. Or are you going to sit there and tell me that after 14 years, this person hasn’t changed at all, has learned not a single lesson in life, and is still angry about the same thing? So she wanted to move past that.

And guess what? People were angry at her response. For wanting character development. After like, actually, it’s probably been more than 14 years in the MCU time, realistically, because that movie takes place in 2008 and the MCU and like, what, 2026 or something? Maybe even later, according to recent timeline things. So yeah, look, I don’t have a problem with it. I mean, if characters don’t grow up. Then what’s the point of caring about them? They have to learn lessons and evolve. If Abomination continue to do the same thing he did after being captured, it would have just straight up killed him. So, you know, he got better for his own safety and his own survival. That kind of makes sense.

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