Karan Johar Responds On Questioning Brahmastra’

Karan Johar Responds On Questioning Brahmastra’s Logic Why Use Google Map For Secret Loction


On questioning the logic of Brahmastra, Karan Johar gave an answer, why use Google Map for secret location?

Karan Johar Responds On Questioning Brahmastra’s Logic Why Use Google Map For Secret Loction

Seeing that the film Brahmastra is earning a lot, Karan Johar’s move changed, what did a person criticize Brahmastra? And Karan Johar’s morale was broken when Liger flopped badly at the box office.

Karan Johar was lying silently with his mouth closed, Karan Johar avoided making a statement on any matter, but now as Dharma Production’s third film of the year Brahmastra is earning a lot of money, Karan Johar’s move has changed. In order to fight the people, Karan Johar has come to fight directly, in fact there is a scene in Brahmastra in which Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt are trying to find a way to a secret ashram.

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Nagarjuna’s character helps him in this which is a secret society named Universe Tweeted, tell me how this ashram is secret and how the address of the ashram is on Google Maps, for such a film, has earned 300 crores, is this Indian creativity, Karan Johar was badly shaken after seeing this tweet.

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Responding to this person, he wrote there is no mistake in this because the address was of the hiding place of the ashram which is a location like any other place in the world Guru is living like any other person in real world nobody Knows that he is the leader of Brahmansh, he is the home of his weapons, so in the real world his name along with the address is definitely on Google Maps, people were surprised to hear this answer of Karan Johar because Karan Johar has always avoided speaking on such questions. .

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There are many such scenes in the film Brahmastra which will make you hold your head but overall the film is entertaining and one time watchable and you may have to keep your mind in the side before watching it. Give us your opinion in the comment section and stay connected with us for more such updates.

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