Breaking WB Discovery CEO Needs To Save 3 Billion In The Next Year Or Things Get WORSE News

How much bad news can WB, Discovery and DC possibly take in one summer?

So today I’m talking about an article that was published by Yahoo Finances and they go over WB discoveries, recent problems. So I just put it that way, loss of money, net revenue, all the cancellations and everything. And as the article goes on and it’s pretty lengthy, I’m talking about like 10 pretty lengthy paragraphs. If not more, they go into what exactly has been happening and the ultimate cost cutting measures and what they specifically talk about in there. That’s the big crux of everything, and everything contributes to is more bad news is coming unless WBD Discovery CEO David Zaslav can, and I quote, magically save three billion dollars.


By the end of the fiscal year. Now, again, I’m not going to bore you with all the numbers because there’s so much to go over here and you guys know the financial side and a number side. I like to simplify everything essentially. No matter how much profit they make. They will not be able to offset 3 billion in costs. So they need to on top of making profits with upcoming projects, which is why we saw such significant delays, because they need to spread out content because they’re obviously not making more content because they got to save money. The big takeaway here is somehow they gotta cut more costs and cut back on spending while also making new content.

To save three billion dollars this doesn’t actually account for the 20 billion they lost in market cap. That will also need to be answered for by the end of the fiscal year, which will come in March. So the takeaway here is from reading this entire thing and reading what others are reporting and looking at the trend of the stock market and where it’s gone. Essentially what you have now. Is them literally burning money and unless a black atom can come out? And be a billion dollar hit.

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Followed by Shazam in March, right before the fiscal quarter ends by the end of March going into April. Both of these need to be billion dollar hits. To even slightly offset this on top of still having to cost cut measures, which means advertising for both of these is going to have to be very careful. The way I’m looking at these finances right now and this. Just like I told you, WB, discovery is going to literally cut up and literally chop up everything DC was doing. I told you about this in March and then April when it officially happened, how they would instate their own people and everything.

I am telling you right now. Unless the next three films from DC. Our billion dollar hits say goodbye to the DC Universe as you knew it. In every single corner of the DC universe. Again, I can’t also talk about some stuff I know. Just like I said, wait till the Zack Snyder News hits and it hit this summer. As I said on the podcast, the Zack Snyder story isn’t over. And this story right here is gonna get even bigger. One of the big trades is gonna get there. Hands on something. And I’m telling you right now, by the time the fiscal year ends. If they don’t at least offset 2 billion.

You’re gonna hear some real bad stuff. I can promise you that. And it’s only gonna get worse. So you’re better prayed that they’re gamble on the rock pays off.

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