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Not getting any distributor for Chiranjeevi’s film Godfather
No distributor is buying this film at all, this deal is finding it very risky, Bollywood has now put a dent in South Cinema as well. Slowly the actress here has started pauping the South’s actors as well.

Now hearing the breaking news you are about to hear, you will not believe your ears, but the truth is that the ruin of South has also been ruined, South’s megastar Chiranjeev and Salman Khan’s new film Godfather is coming, just in the release of the film. There are two weeks left.

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But no distributor is buying this film at all, this deal is finding him very risky, this film is to be released on October 5, but till now this film has not got any distributor. Distributor is the one who pays the price. He buys his film from him and after that any film is released in the theatres.

This is the processor of every film, but despite having superstars like Chiranjeev and Salman Khan, no one is ready to lay their hands on this film, the distributor wants them to buy Godfather at that price and recover it from the market, but the makers sell their film to 85 crores. I want to sell to distributor.

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Salman Khan and Chiranjeev have a huge value in the market, but despite that everyone is afraid to buy their film This film is completely beaten up.

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Although Ananya Pandey got the second film here, but Vijay’s new film was closed there before the start, the matter is different in the South, there is also nepotism but like Bollywood it does not dominate every film there.

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