Three avatars of Dhanush seen in the teaser of Naane Varuvean


Three avatars of Dhanush seen in the teaser of Naane Varuvean, the different avatar shown so far

Three avatars of Dhanush seen in Naane Varuvean’s teaser
What is the story of Nana Varuven, it is difficult to tell by looking at this teaser, Dhanush showed the most different avatar ever released .

Dhanush was seen doing a scintillating action scene in The Gray Man, now an even bigger explosion than that. Let us also tell that Selva Raghavan is also the director of this film.

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What is the story of Nana Varuven, it is difficult to tell by looking at this teaser, but the plot of it traps the mind. In the teaser, Dhanush is seen in a double role, a character is a simple family man who is seen with his wife and a daughter. One character seems to be of middle age while the other is a somewhat scary and eccentric type of character.

Whose body language seems to be a somewhat serious type, he looks younger than the Gentleman version of Dhanush. There seems to be some connection.

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The kind of debt used in the teaser makes him feel like the younger version of the eccentric Dhanush, Selva Raghavan is also seen in two places in the teaser and his character seems to be of a man who spent many years of his life in the jungles. Huh.

Added to the teaser it also feels that if Selva Raghavan is not playing the old version of any character of Dhanush, we have told you that Dhanush is seen in a double role in Nana Varuven, but Selva Raghavan’s character is holding a bow in his hand. Looks like hunting in the forest.

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His clothes are similar to that in the teaser, the eccentric version of Dhanush is wearing Dhanush’s eccentric character is also seen showing his skills in archery in the forest. .

At one point of time, he is also seen killing someone and when the teacher comes to finish, the eccentric Dhanush character is seen strangling the gentleman version of Dhanush and the plot of the story is stuck between the character of Dhanush and Selva Raghavan and the arrow taking the life of Dhanush. Is.

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The teacher is as confusing and powerful as it looks, along with its background music is also very banging. are.

It could also be that Nana Varuven would be best on a time travel where Old Dhanush and Young Dhanush want to kill each other for some reason but both have different families so maybe both the characters are different and for some reason There has been enmity between the two.

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Hulsi could be part of the plot of the story of Nation or Distorted Reality Nana Varuven has experimented as a director and he can definitely add some unique elements to the story. His last film with Dhanush was the psychological thriller.

Anything can happen to Dhanush, but the teaser of Nana Varuven is definitely going to appeal to you and friends, not only this teaser is also very much liked by the South to Bollywood audience, so what would you like to say, give us your feedback on this. Let us know and do follow us for more such updates.

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