(News) Incredible Hulk’s The Leader Talks Surprise Captain America New World Order Return Update

It’s crazy to think that the leader is officially returning to MCU after a decade.

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you and he will be going with Captain America. So finally we hear from the lead actor himself regarding making this big anticipated return. One thing that I apparently did not know up until all the Hulk discourses are that everybody loves the leader and the actor who plays him, Tim Blake Nelson has gone on to have a tremendous career playing some absolutely impressive roles in genre and non-genre content. So obviously there’s a lot of excitement for his return recently speaking with GQ and also with the press after the reveal on the 23 The actor said that there’s a lot that he hopes to explore with the return of his character after so much time has passed and that he’s absolutely delighted and honoured to be brought back to Disfranchise that’s grown so much and he just hopes that the fans are ready to see this new version of the character and what exactly he has to bring to the MCU now.


Also, going back to some older interviews that he reflects on, he talks a little bit about how he signed up for 3 films. Originally when it came to the Incredible Hulk and he never thought that he would literally ever be brought back because after a certain amount of time goes by, contracts effectively don’t really matter, especially when you consider that they get no ified after a certain amount of time. Then you have to renegotiate new things. So all and all, it seems like he’s really excited, he’s happy to get back to where he left off and he’s going to be a pretty big threat to Captain America.

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Screenshotter YouTube IncredibleHulksTheLeadertalksSurpriseCaptainAmericaNewWorldOrderReturn 031 1 (News) Incredible Hulk's The Leader talks Surprise Captain America New World Order Return Update

Now what I do find interesting. Is that he did say that this is gonna be different now? Again, I think, you know, you’re a common everyday person and maybe watched incredible. Hulk doesn’t really know what to expect from the leader. And I think he’s kind of speaking to that crowd and not really talking about, you know, what US comic book nerds know the leader for and how absolutely absurd. Insane that the whole scenario with a character is an how he’s gonna tie into more than just, I assume, Captain America in a couple. Going forward. Funny, pretty good. And if the actors are excited with whatever they, you know, told him and he can’t wait to show us.

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