News Marvel Reveals NEW Captain America Shield Upgrades, Shield Dock, Redwing News And Update

Captain America Sam Wilson got a brand new suit from work and that’s clearly been engineered in his favour in modelled after his Falcon outfit.

Now, what other bells and whistles his suit includes we still don’t know. Obviously, we’re going to see them in upcoming appearances, but now we sorted to have a look forward to IDs they had and what we might see thanks to some official art and things related to Marvel Studios. So I will have the various things scrolling on here, but essentially what we got is the upgraded walk and in tech that suit slash shield slash various elements of Captain America suit and we’re gonna talk about here is just a what changes were being made that ultimately didn’t make it in as of right now.


But maybe they decided, hey, let’s not put these in the first iteration of the soup and have him use them eventually so what you gonna see here is the work and energy shield is actually present as part of the shield, like these attachments that go on. And he can make like for all intensive purposes like those Hello Bubble Shield the Master Chief another Spartans can make which looks really cool and also extend his shield to almost fully cover his body. But another interesting one is the fact that he can like lock Redwing onto his wings along with having a storage place slash walking mechanism.

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On the wings, which makes me think that he can probably shoot it from there as well as kind of, you know, let redwing go to scouts up ahead and then they kind of doc in which is really cool. And you get the sense that they were going for some very welcoming additional elements to his suit that would make him not having any superpowers awhile easier and a lot more protective. But again, they decided obviously not to include them and I think due to just time constraints. The finale of the Falcon and The Winter Soldier would have been a little too much.

Details on these iterative updates and changes that they put into the suits because they just look really cool. You know, it’s kind of like looking into things happening in the future. It’s like having 4 site, right? And I just really like that, a lot more work. And Mtech was incorporated into a soup built by black and switch make sense. It’s like he this guy doesn’t have any powers. Maybe we should make sure he. You can’t get hit in the knee and suddenly godown for the entire thing.

Screenshotter YouTube MarvelRevealsNEWCaptainAmericaShieldUpgradesShieldDockRedwingMore 142 1 1 News Marvel Reveals NEW Captain America Shield Upgrades, Shield Dock, Redwing News and Update

It’s kind of cool and I really appreciate it. I just hope that we get more of these types of things in his suit. The kind of a aagman pain while push him forward really, because again, just do dinner suit. He doesn’t have any powers, so you should probably give him a technical and tactical advantage.

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