Update MCU Star Spoils First NEW Avenger Member For Avengers The Kang Dynasty News And Update

We know that the next film in The Avengers franchise is of course Avengers the Kang Dynasty, and it looks like our favourite spoiler-filled Marvel studio star.


Yes, that’s right, we are once again talking about Mark Ruffalo spoiled the first New Avenger joining the team officially, this being she Hulk herself. So this comes out us from The Hollywood Reporter where Mark Ruffalo, OK Hulk and she Hulk, Tatiana Mezzani were doing promotional work for she Hulk, but also the future of the Marvel Studios brand and everything else.

And when talking about a new Avengers film, The Kang Dynasty was brought up. And when it comes to talking about it, Mark Ruffalo says that they don’t need to wait a year. To find out who exactly is joining the team. He says she’s in it, and there’s not going to be another Avengers film without she Hulk. It’s at this point that Tatiana looks a little confused, and she says what? And Mark Ruffalo tells her that’s what he’s been told.

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Screenshotter YouTube MCUStarSpoilsFirstNEWAvengerMemberforAvengersTheKangDynasty 027 1 Update MCU Star Spoils First NEW Avenger Member for Avengers The Kang Dynasty News and Update

So there you go. I mean, look, Hoke is going to be part of The Avengers, right? He’s going to be part of the Kang dynasty. So of course he’s going to recruit his cousin who’s another Hulk to join the fight. It just makes sense. The next two Avengers films will be more like your traditional Avengers films, right? You’re bringing everybody you have, and then the next film you go even bigger AKA Secret Wars. You do the multiverse and everything. So it makes sense that the Kang Dynasty is going to be everybody that’s proper to the MCU in secret wars is 1 upping it.

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So it’s not surprising that we’re hearing this or that Ruffalo spoiled. Because let’s be real, it wouldn’t be the first time. It’s probably not going to be the last time, and we’re probably gonna get plenty more of it, but it’s good to know that she, Hulk will be in it. I don’t think anybody doubted this or anything like that, but again, it’s just good to know. And honestly, I think her character will fit in just nicely. I mean, it’s another Hulk. We’ll be able to see what they can pull off. They could probably do some cool tag team moves.

Screenshotter YouTube MCUStarSpoilsFirstNEWAvengerMemberforAvengersTheKangDynasty 012 1 Update MCU Star Spoils First NEW Avenger Member for Avengers The Kang Dynasty News and Update

There’s probably going to be some good banter, and it will be interesting to see how they take she Hulk from a comedy and drop her into something. Tang Dynasty and see how she bounces off of everybody else, considering I’m gonna assume she’s not gonna break the fourth wall in the middle of a film. Or maybe she will. I don’t know, but. And only be interesting and I can’t wait to see it. So there you go. You want your first member of the new avengers? well. Officially, she Hulk has joined the film. Unofficially, because Mark Ruffalo spoiled them until they confirm. It’s unofficial, but it’s official cause yeah, he spoiled it.

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