Hera Pheri 3 Official Trailer Announcement Update

Hera Pheri 3 Official Trailer Announcement Update, Akshay Kumar, Paresh Rawal, Sunil Shetty,

All of you must have seen the film Hera Pheri and now preparations are on to make the third part of this film i.e. Hera Pheri 3. Different stories have been written for Raju, Akshay Kumar and Karthik Aryan in Hera Pheri 3. Two parts of Bollywood’s biggest hit Hera Pheri have been released and now after both the parts being hit, now the third part of the film is going to come soon.

Whose name is being told as Hera Pheri 3, let us tell you that these films have also been officially sealed, but a few days ago Akshay Kumar gave such an update regarding Hera Pheri 3, due to which the fans of Hera Pheri 3 and Akshay Kumar The fans were heartbroken, yes Akshay Kumar had said that I have knocked out Hera Pheri 3, I didn’t like the script of that film, so I have refused those films.

Hera Pheri 3 Official Trailer Announcement Update Akshay Kumar Paresh Rawal Sunil Shetty,

And then the news came that Karthik Aryan is going to be seen in place of Akshay Kumar, after which there have been many trends on social media, in which Akshay Kumar was also trended to bring back and since then the news market has become very hot. And then the news started coming that Akshay Kumar can return to these films but now a news has come which will surprise you, audience producer Firoz Nadiadwala has two scripts for Hera Pheri 3 one with Akshay and the other without Akshay.

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According to a report in Bollywood Hungama, producer Firoz Nadiadwala has finalized not one but two scripts of Hera Pheri 3. According to the report, talks are on with Firoz and Akshay but nothing is confirmed yet, while the papers with Firoz and Karthik are on the cards. Have worked and he is considered to be the finalist for the film. According to Feroze, according to the story, Karthik can do justice to his character, while according to the reports, it is also being said that Feroze has Two scripts one with Akshay and one with Karthik.

Firoz Nadiadwala is constantly meeting both Akshar and Karthik. According to media reports, Akshay Kumar’s script will start from where Hera Pheri 2 ended, while Karthik’s script has added the angle of two Raju’s story, while now who It has not been decided yet when the work on the C script will start, but let us tell you that Akshay Kumar can make a comeback in Hera Pheri 3 because these days the makers and their fans are trying to convince Akshay Kumar completely.

Even Hera Pheri actor Sunil Shetty also wants Akshay Kumar to do Hera Pheri 3 film and Sunil Shetty is also convincing his friend Akshay for this. Do you also want to see Akshay Kumar in Hera Pheri 3? Tell us as well as follow us to get more such updates.

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